As the globalization is flourishing across the world, most of the companies are expanding their supply chain from one territory to another in order to encash the opportunities available in the international market. The import of goods from Asian countries like China, India, Bangladesh provide other foreign countries high production with minimum cost as compared to manufacturing cost of their own country, which results in increase in profit margin. Although, the Asian countries are coming up to meet up the criteria of standard quality and workmanship, there is still a doubt regarding the quality aspect of the product as the quality standards vary from country to country and business to business.

Thus, quality inspection has become a major criterion for all the international businesses. There are various inspection companies which provide inspection services for different companies who are dealing with the Asian companies worldwide. The quality inspection provides assurance that the products available are of good quality.

Various inspections take place regarding the quality assurance. Some foreign countries do pre shipment inspection in order to assure that the products meet the quality of standards according to their measurement policy. If in case, they find any fault in the quality of product, they won’t allow that product in their nation. Thus, they prefer pre-shipment inspection to be done before loading the material for shipment.

When it comes to China, if any foreign country imports goods and products, they want to take in consideration a China inspection company that offers world class inspection service to reduce risk and control quality and meet the required regulations of the particular country.

Also, many foreign companies visit the Asian companies in order to assure that the factory meets all the standards they want related to quality, safety, cleanliness, hygiene and so on. This is named as factory inspection. For the company being certified by any of the standards, factory inspection is necessary in order to assure that the products meet the same standards which are tested and certified.

So if you want to make any kind of inspection in the Asian companies regarding quality, quantity etc., you should go with SBE Inspection & Compliance. It provides you with real time inspection and facility reporting that helps you to be quality assured.

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